A neighbourhood restaurant and bar in the heart of Putney serving chef Chris Beverley's brilliant modern Italian food.


"This is a fantastic little restaurant and I really hope it does well, it certainly deserves to. The food is superb, it's not too expensive, the service was exceptional…very friendly, very efficient and not intrusive.  Everyone knew exactly what they were talking about and seemed to have a passion for what they were serving. "

A Spoonful of Sugar

It's the metropolitan dream, isn't it, to have a reliable, relatively inexpensive restaurant about 10 minute's walk from the house, where it's neither regularly intimidatingly empty or so full you struggle to find a walk-in table, and where the food is never less than decent. "

Cheese & Biscuits blog

Although this is clearly intended as a neighbourhood restaurant, what impressed me was the relatively high ingredient quality for the money, and the solid technical skill in the kitchen. If this was my neighbourhood restaurant I would be very happy indeed.

Andy Hayler

We were impressed by how busy the restaurant was, with the buzz of real enjoyment from contented diners. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming.

The Fine Dining Guide

"Would I come back to Bibo? Without a doubt. I only wish Bibo was my local."

The Foodaholic Blog

"What elevates this from being a good place to unmissably brilliant is the wine list. In the hands of the excellent Zeren Wilson, it’s well-chosen, all Italian (with a short place at the end for ‘Italian-inspired’ New World bins) and constantly changing. "

The Arbutarian

Entering the restaurant felt like coming into a coastal café in Naples. A classic geometric tiled floor played host to rows of tables perfect for languidly nibbling on antipasti and sipping on an aperol spritz. ....The pasta had the necessary bite and silky texture that is the hallmark of a fantastic Italian chef.

Eat Travel Live

Bibo has proven itself to be yet another charming neighbourhood restaurant by Rebecca Mascarenhas. The cooking was accomplished and the food was enjoyable in a rustic, satisfying sort of way. The congenial feel of the restaurant and the warm service makes this an easy choice for eating out in Putney. Prices were reasonable too.

A Girl Has to Eat